About Hinge

Hinge is pioneering the new science of growth for professional services firms. We publish ground-breaking research that is uncovering why high growth firms outperform their peers. Using this information, we help firms refocus, re-brand, launch new services, expand into new markets, and take their game to a higher level. Our services include research, strategy, award-winning creative, online marketing, and helping experts become more visible in their industry.

We serve the architecture, engineering, construction, technology, government contracting, accounting, finance, consulting, and legal industries. If you’ve been seeking a research-based approach to branding, marketing, and growth, Hinge puts the power of science in your grasp.

To view our full library of books, research reports, webinars, and more, please visit http://www.hingemarketing.com/library.

Here are just a sample of the services Hinge offers:

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