What People are saying about Spiraling Up

“Frederiksen and Taylor tell professional service providers what they don’t always want to hear – that they have the means to get the growth they want if they are willing to do the hard thinking and make the hard choices to get it. Great reminder for every firm leader on what it really takes for growth.”
John Doerr, President, Wellesley Hills Group, Author of Professional Services Marketing
"Wow. I wish I had this book ten years ago. Spiraling Up lays down best practices and strategies that have taken us years to develop at our firm."
Darryl Ohrt, Prime Minister of Awesome at Humongo and Chief Blogger at Brand Flakes for Breakfast.
“Spiraling Up nails it! Any professional services firm whose members embrace and execute these principles will be rewarded richly. Hinge Marketing neatly bundles a whole slew of best practices into a real world formula for success.”
Craig Weeks, CPA Profits Plus
“This books provides an exceptional road map of what it takes for Professional Services Firms to be successful in the current chaotic marketplace. The future is now and the research within this publication provides focus for your organization that can position you for high growth in the years ahead and ultimately enhancing the overall value of your company to investors, clients and your employees. We all need a copy of our shelves.”
Ronald D. Worth, Chief Executive Officer, Society for Marketing Professional Services
“SpiralingUp is a refreshing book with a clear and creative look at the commonalities and distinctive features among high growth firms. This book doesn’t speak down to you it clearly speaks to you through clear writing and phenomenal research and creative graphics. A quick read with great take away nuggets for any professional services firm!”
Jennifer Abernethy, America’s Sales Stylist at The Sales
“This book is a must-read for any professional services firm. You’ll find fascinating insights into the marketing strategies, operations and attitudes of high growth organisations. What is more these insights are backed up by objective research, proving that a laser focus on your clients’ needs and priorities really does get results. And the good news? You can grow without spending vast amounts of money on marketing too.”
Sonja Jefferson, Marketing Consultant